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What is Financial Garden?

Financial Garden was originally founded as a for-profit company in 2015 by Tasha Danielle, CPA. Financial Garden became a 501(c)(3) in 2021. Financial Garden has financially educated over 1,500 youth since its inception.

Financial Garden is a financial education company serving both students (grades K -12) and educators through our mission to improve the financial health of our communities. We have formulated a curriculum using a hands-on approach inclusive of games and activities appropriate for any age. In just 60 minutes, people are learning how to make money work for them through our uniquely designed interactive curriculum!

Financial Garden has 6 areas of seed planting

Emotions & Money

Banking Basics


Debt Fundamentals


Investing Basics

Financial Garden Provides Financial Education For

Nine-year-old Amina is disappointed when her parents will not purchase a tablet for her. Amina’s parents want Amina to purchase the tablet with her own money. Amina has money in her piggy bank, but it’s not enough to purchase the tablet.

Find out how Amina’s parents help her earn money through entrepreneurship to reach her goal!


Meet The Board

Tasha Danielle, CPA founded Financial Garden LLC, now Financial Garden Community Inc., during her journey of eliminating $80k of debt before the age of 30. Tasha's grandmother taught her about finances at an early age, and this influenced her to become a financially responsible millennial. Tasha’s debt was largely due to student loans, and because of her early financial literacy exposure, she had the plan to tackle the debt before her 30th birthday! However, it became apparent that not all of her peers were exposed to money lessons at a young age, and most of them struggled financially. As a result, Tasha decided to plant seeds of financial literacy at every age by formally founding Financial Garden in 2014. Tasha developed the curriculum in accordance with National Standards in K – 12 Personal Finance Education. Financial Garden also published "Amina's Bracelets: A Kidpreneur Story" to teach students how to reach financial goals through entrepreneurship! Financial Garden has financially educated over 1,000 students & has received national recognition from Essence Magazine and Pine-Sol!

Tasha Danielle, CPAFounder & Executive Director

Brandon Davis is an alumnus of Central Michigan University and Wayne State University Law. Brandon has been an attorney for over ten years. Previously serving as a Wayne County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney and Muskegon County Senior Assistant Prosecuting Attorney! Brandon currently serves as the City of Grand Rapids' new oversight and public accountability director. Brandon has a passion for improving his community, as demonstrated by his leadership by serving on several other non-profit boards.

Brandon DavisVice President & Secretary

Natalie Davis is an alumna of Central Michigan University. Natalie has several years of experience working in the non-profit industry and is currently a Property Manager for a large apartment community. Natalie has years of expertise in overseeing project expenses in her non-profit experience, bookkeeping, and various financial responsibilities during her tenure as Property Manager.

Natalie DavisTreasurer


My students learned how to earn and count money; which helped with improving their math skills. The kids also learned the importance of saving and giving money to a charity.

Crystal CofieldKindergarten and 1st Grade Tutor - Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency

I loved the Financial Jeopardy game played at the end of the program. This allowed me to see all the progress my students had made.

Karen HickmottSite Manager - Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency

I watch 'Shark Tank' all the time, but I never sat down and thought about starting a business until Financial Garden taught us how.

StudentDetroit Middle School

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Financial Garden looks forward to providing services for your after-school program, day care center, church or youth centered organization. Let’s talk about your specialized needs!

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