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Financial Garden is committed to advancing the financial health of communities by providing impactful financial literacy tools to adults and equipping educators with the skills and knowledge to educate and engage kids, tweens and teens in financial literacy.

Our Commitment

We Are Providing an Environment for Our Students to Grow & Excel

Financial Garden students don’t just learn about important financial concepts, they are given the opportunity to apply the concepts in every session!  Students love Financial Garden because of the opportunity to actually save, spend, give and grow. We work hard to bridge the gap of knowing the right thing to do with money and actually DOING the right thing.
Our Vision

Planting Seeds for a Financial Future

Kids begin to develop their financial schema (building blocks of knowledge) at the time the words “can you buy this” are spoken. We work to enhance the financial schema by concentrating on counting money, delaying gratification through saving and ways to earn money through entrepreneurship!
A deeper dive is made at this age group level to ensure students are able to discuss finances in accordance with the knowledge statements set forth by National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education.
While all six areas of financial seed planting are taught to each grade level; a strong focus on life skills of debt avoidance (student loans), investing (stocks) and banking is held with Middle and High School students.


founded Financial Garden during her journey of eliminating nearly $80k of debt before the age of 30! Tasha’s grandmother taught her about finances at an early age and this influenced her to become a financially responsible millennial. However, it became apparent that not all of her peers were exposed to money lessons at a young age. Which led Tasha to believe that this may have contributed to the financial struggles faced as an adult. After working with youth for several years, she realized their lack of financial literacy. Tasha decided to plant seeds of financial literacy at every age by formally founding Financial Garden in 2014.

Tasha has a decade of corporate finance and accounting experience with Fortune 100 and 500 companies. She has also authored “Amina’s Bracelets: A Kidpreneur Story” to plant the seed of entrepreneurship in young children. The book is available on Amazon!



What Parents are Saying

“My kids love the Financial Garden store! They come home and tell me if they chose a want over a need or gave to St. Jude. We talk about money more as a family now.”- Parent at Raupp Elementary

“I was happy to learn about credit scores through my daughter. She  told me about how she learned all about credit scores in Financial Garden.” – Parent at Robichaud High School

“Financial Garden taught my kids how to run a lemonade stand, by actually holding one in front of the school. My son talked about all the prep that went into it. He had fun learning how a business is ran.” – Parent at Thorne Elementary School


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